Pictures of WLS Patients

“ I've lost over 200 pounds... I'm lovin' life ” ~ Lea

Lea Before Lea After
  • Start weight: 410 lbs
  • Current weight: 198 lbs
  • Date of surgery: 8/29/06
  • Type of surgery: Proximal RNY Gastric Bypass

I was approaching 40 years of age at over 400 pounds. I was miserable and tired all of the time. I was taking 9 different prescription medications--high blood pressure, arthritis, narcotic pain medications, and more. I was unable to work outside the home because I couldn't be on my feet for too long at a time without increased pain. When I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in my lumbar spine, they sent me to a pain management specialist who looked at the MRI for my back and said that the ONLY thing that would truly make a difference was to lose the weight. The weight from my FRONT was pulling on my BACK. I finally took the possibility of weight loss surgery seriously. The pain was unreal and I knew there was no way I could continue to live like that. I had my primary care doctor write a referral letter and I made an appointment with Dr. Daniel Stickler for a surgery consult.

Since my surgery, I've lost over 200 pounds. I am off of all medications but my thyroid medication, which I will take for life though the dosage had to be reduced. I am back to work outside the home in my field of choice--I'm a certified teacher. I can garden, exercise, and enjoy life as a first-time grandma! In short, I'm lovin' life!

“ I went from a size 20 and 3x to a size 8-10 ” ~ Ani

Ani Before Ani After
  • Start weight: 231 lbs
  • Current weight: 161 lbs
  • Date of surgery: 4/17/2008
  • Type of surgery: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

My name is Ani. I had weight loss surgery April 17, 2008. The proceedure I had was the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. I went from being a very unhappy, unhealthy woman, to a woman who loves life. I was a type ll diabetic, on insulin, and multiple other medications for depression. Currently, I take nothing for diabetes, there is no need, as my last fasting blood sugar was completely normal. I don't take any medications for depression, because I am not depressed anymore. I went from a size 20 and 3x to a size 8-10 and M or L shirts and I have not reached my goal yet. As of this morning, I have 11 pounds to go, to get to goal, and I have no doubt that I will get there. I spent my entire life struggling with my weight, but thanks to the tool I have now, I feel I will be able to control my eating, and maintain my goal.

If I was to offer one piece of advice, it would be to research all the surgeries. Find the one that is going to work best for you. I hear all the time how different surgeons will suggest what they think, but in all honesty, this is YOUR body, and you have to live with the consequences of your decision. The VSG is a wonderful surgery, and in doing my research, I knew it was the only one for me.

“ I lost 179 pounds and am in the best shape of my life ” ~ Robin

Robin Before Robin After
  • Start weight: 299 lbs
  • Current weight: 120 lbs
  • Date of surgery: 9/17/2013
  • Type of surgery: Gastric Sleeve Procedure

My name is a Robin and I am 30 years old. I am from Madisonville Tx. I got the gastric sleeve procedure on Sep 17th 2013. My starting weight was 299.8lbs and I stand 5 foot 11 inches. This surgery was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was obese my entire life, suffered depression, bullying, and a abusive marriage which ended in divorce. I felt ugly and defeated.

My life now has taken on a new form and I am finally confident in my own skin. I am happily engaged and have more energy than I could have ever dreamed possible. My surgeon gave me the tools and knowledge to make the changes I so desperately needed. I feel like I have been given a second chance. I now weigh 120.9 lbs exactly one year post op. I lost a total of 179 pounds and am in the best shape of my life.

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