POSE Incisionless Surgery for Weight LossYou will soon be able to lose weight via a groundbreaking incisionless, pain-free weight loss procedure known as POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal). The POSE procedure reduces the size of your stomach without making a single incision into the body by utilizing special tools that access the stomach through the mouth and esophagus.

Not only does the procedure not require incisions to reduce the size of the stomach, but it is considered much safer than other surgical options. There has been virtually no complications to date and most patients are able to go back to work within a couple of days.

POSE does not require cutting like gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve or a medical implant like the LAP-BAND or REALIZE Band, yet similar results have been achieved.

Over the past year, a select group of patients have participated in a clinical date registry to evaluate the POSE procedure. Patients enrolled in the trial have applauded the procedure, citing a dramatic decrease in hunger and stomach capacity which has helped them achieve substantial weight loss.

Only a few bariatric centers were chosen to participate in the trials, including: Bluegrass Bariatric Surgical Associates at Central Baptist Hospital; Surgical Specialists of Louisiana; Southeast Bariatrics at Presbyterian Hospital in North Carolina.

To perform the operation, surgeons use a special set of endoscopic surgery tools manufactured by USGI known as the Incisionless Operating Platform (IOP), (formerly known as the EndoSurgical Operating System (EOS)), and a flexible endoscope that is used to visualize the stomach. Patients are put under anesthesia for the procedure. Then, a long, flexible tube that is created specifically for incisionless procedures is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach. The tools are maneuvered into the stomach through the tube.

Once in the stomach, the specialized tools are used to grasp stomach tissue, create tissue folds, and deploy specially designed suture anchors that fasten the folds together. By creating tissue folds, it shrinks the size of the stomach pouch and the connection to the small intestine.

The IOP device manufactured by USGI is also used to perform the ROSE (Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal) procedure, a revision for gastric bypass patients with weight regain. The ROSE procedure restores the size of the stoma and pouch to post-surgical dimensions.

Like other bariatric surgeries, the POSE procedure is only a weight loss tool. Patients will still need to make dietary and behavior changes to achieve significant weight loss.

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